What Should Homeowners Know About Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh?

What Should Homeowners Know About Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh?

Bumblebees are not as integral to commercial crops as they honey bee, but they do pollinate certain types of agriculture, so it is imperative their numbers improve. When a homeowner comes face to face with a nest of bumblebees, it is crucial they know how to protect themselves without causing danger to the nest. With this information, homeowners will discover what they can do about Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh.

What Should Homeowners Know?

It is important to note; bumblebees are not like honey bees. When a honey bee stings, it dies, but bumblebees do not die when they sting. Although these insects typically are not very aggressive, they can become startled if they feel their nest is being attacked. Because these bees can sting multiple times, a full-on attack by several bees can prove very dangerous.

If a bumblebee is stumbled upon while they are out foraging, they will likely go on their merry way without any disruption. Should a person disturb their nest, they will all come out ready to viciously attack.

Should a homeowner notice a bumblebee nest on their property, they will need to consider the location before they take action. If the nest is in an area that is likely not to be disturbed, the homeowner may want to consider leaving it in place. If a home has pets or small children or the nest is in a high-traffic area, the first thing the homeowner needs to do is to call the pest professionals for Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh.

How Do Pest Control Specialists Help With Bees?

It takes a bee expert to be able to safely and effectively remove a bumblebee nest. Homeowners should never attempt their DIY intervention and should avoid killing the bees, if at all possible. A professional can gas the bees to put them to sleep, so the entire bee’s nest can safely be removed and relocated to an area that is not a danger to humans or pets.

If you have found a bumblebee nest on your property, visit the website for more information. Contact The-Beeman and schedule an appointment right away, so they can safely get rid of your bee problems.

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