What is an Industrial Millwright?

What is an Industrial Millwright?

Many years ago, millwrights took care of grinding mills. Today an industrial millwright performs a wide range of services. He or she provides services for many industrial applications and can help your equipment perform better and run more smoothly. Here is a closer look at the profession to give you a better idea of what these people do and the valuable services they provide.

Mechanic Work

An industrial millwright is a qualified mechanic, and he or she is qualified to work on machinery, especially rotating equipment. They have a great deal of expertise with machines like steam turbines and compressors. However, the millwright does more than provide repair services.

Job Duties

If you need machinery installed, your industrial millwright service can help. They can also remove machinery and replace it with upgraded or improved equipment. Yet, you may not know what kind of machinery is best for your applications, and your millwright service can help you. They can design the right system for you and make sure everything works properly.

Maybe you have problems with your equipment. Your industrial millwright service can come to your place of business and make repairs. Services can include troubleshooting to discover the source of your problem.


A millwright service can help you with routine and regular maintenance issues. By providing preventative maintenance services, you can avoid many problems associated with machinery breakdowns. These services are invaluable because downtime costs you a great deal of money every minute.

More Duties

Some of the things your millwright mechanic can do include bearing replacements and gear and drive system alignments. They can also take care of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. If you need fabrication services related to rotating equipment, your millwright service is a good source to turn to. To find out more about the many services millwrights have to offer, contact a trusted millwright service.

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