What Are The Steps For Wasp Extermination In Oklahoma City, OK?

What Are The Steps For Wasp Extermination In Oklahoma City, OK?

In Oklahoma, wasps are not only nuisances that are dangerous for property owners who are allergic to their venom. Property owners who discover a serious infestation need professional services to mitigate related risks. A professional pest control service gets rid of the wasps before a serious injury occurs. Reviewing the steps of a wasp extermination in Oklahoma City OK shows property owners what they can expect from services.

Using Liquid Pesticide

Spraying liquid pesticides kill the wasps quickly while they are still in the hive. The process is called drenching, and exterminators perform it when wasps are still active in the hive. It helps to kill the wasps and lower the risk of personal injuries.

Removing the Nest Carefully

The exterminator removes the nest carefully after all wasps have died. The crew wraps the hive in thick plastic bags before disconnecting it. The bags are closed over the hive, and it is pulled down completely. The extermination team cleans all debris left behind by the nest and the wasps.

Using Baiting Stations Specifically for Wasps

Baiting stations are used specifically for wasps and won’t present a risk to bumble or honey bees. The bait is placed around the property in areas where the wasps were seen most often. The stations are connected in the same areas where hives were found to attract and kill the wasps. The installation has pesticides inside them and attracts wasps. The extermination team collects the stations after the wasp are no longer seen around the property.

Ongoing Wasp Protection

The exterminator sets up a pest control contract with the property owner. The service provider offers ongoing wasp control by distributing pesticides regularly around the home. The services are increased if a serious wasp infestation is discovered at any time.

In Oklahoma, wasps infest outdoor spaces quickly and build nests. Carports, porches, and decks are common places homeowners find the insects. Wasps attack when threatened and leave behind a painful sting. While it isn’t as harmful to some property owners, the venom is life-threatening for owners who have allergies. Property owners who want to learn more about wasp extermination in Oklahoma City OK can find more information right now.

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