Want to Sell Silver Jewelry in Vidor TX?

Before you try to sell silver jewelry in Vidor TX, there are several important things to know. First, be aware that all silver is not exactly the same. The difference in silver quality can make a huge difference in how much the jewelry is actually worth. The vast majority of silver jewelry that is bought and sold today is sterling silver, which is 92.5 percent silver. The remainder of this jewelry is made up of some type of base metal, typically brass or another comparable metal. For all practical purposes, 92.5 percent sterling silver jewelry is considered pure silver and is widely known as the only “genuine” silver. In fact, it is not truly the purest silver jewelry available today.

Although it is extremely rare, there is a type of silver that is considered to be truly pure: Fine silver. Fine silver is 99.99 percent silver. The remaining .01 percent of metal is so little base metal that it makes no impact on the purity. While fine silver is both beautiful and durable, it is not used in jewelry very often for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is its color. Fine silver is a deeper color, verging on gray when compared to the shiny bright luster of sterling silver. For jewelry purposes, many people consider the brighter silver to be more desirable and flashy. Sterling silver is also usually more durable than fine silver is. The base metal tends to lend extra strength to sterling silver, and it may even prevent excessive scratching.

In terms of value, any sterling silver is going to be worth roughly the same amount of money. Most sterling will be melted down to make bullion or new jewelry, so it will be assigned a “melt value.” If you Sell Silver Jewelry in Vidor TX that is 99.99 percent pure, the amount of money offered will generally be a good bit higher than it would in a sterling silver sale. Some pieces of fine silver even have an intrinsic value that would make it worthwhile for the buyer to keep them intact rather than melting them down. Consider calling the Franklin Gold & Silver Exchange to talk about selling silver today!

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