Veneers In Elk Grove Village

Veneers In Elk Grove Village

A qualified dentist can provide you with veneers in Elk Grove Village that will transform your smile with one of the least invasive methods available.  Veneers in Elk Grove Village are an excellent option to reshape the teeth, lengthen the teeth, repair chipped teeth and permanently whiten stained teeth. Learning more about this process can help you to make an informed decision.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are a thin jacket that covers your natural tooth to improve the appearance. A dentist can help you to get a look that you will love and that will look completely natural. You do have to visit the dentist to get them installed. Veneers can be placed in a couple of visits.

What is the Process?

The first order of business is to have an exam. Any cavities or other problems need to be addressed before the veneers can be placed. The dentist will:

   *   Do a visual exam
   *   Take X-rays
   *   Order a professional cleaning by the hygienist
   *   Measure your teeth
   *   Talk to you about tooth shades that are available

Once the initial appointment is through the dentist will order the veneers and schedule a date for you to come and have them installed.

The installation process is relatively simple. The veneers are bonded to your natural tooth with a special cement. The veneers and the cement do not cause damage to the natural tooth and can be removed by the dentist down the line if necessary.


Veneers are an affordable option when you compare it to other options like crowns and implants. The dentist will go into detail with you about costs so that you know what to expect. Unfortunately, most insurances do not cover the cost of cosmetic work.

Make an appointment with Dr. Brian Homann DDS to learn more about veneers!

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