Understanding Private Secondary School Tuitions in Mumbai

Understanding Private Secondary School Tuitions in Mumbai

Many parents in Mumbai are deciding to invest in private tutoring for their child. Whether your child struggles with difficult curriculum standards, or they are looking for a way to supplement their curriculum with extra learning, there are a lot of benefits to paying for secondary school private tuitions.

Understanding ICSE home tuition Mumbai standards can get you one step closer to finding the perfect tuition rate for your child. Here’s everything you need to know about home school tutoring and tuitions in Mumbai.

Available Primary and Secondary School Tutoring

Depending on the needs and age group of your child, there is primary and secondary school tutoring available. While the tuitions for the different types of schooling may differ, they can all be found at affordable prices that work best for your family. There are specialized tutors that can help your child at the ICSE level and beyond.


The ICSE, also known as the Indian School Certificate Examinations board, works in tandem with UNIQORN, which is a home tuition system for primary, secondary, or graduate tutoring students across many ages. These tutoring lessons are usually given in the English language. Working with these programs can help parents establish a regular and standardized type of payment system.

Standardized Testing and Fee Structures

Keep in mind that the ICSE is also responsible for administering standardized testing, which helps to place children in a specific learning category based on their score. Depending on the type of testing and coursework required, the fee structure of private secondary school tuitions may change.

Typically, most ICSE schools run an annual fee that can cost anywhere from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 40,000. But depending on the individual institution that you plan on your child attending, you may receive different rates and fees. It’s important to know that you have the power to talk with a certified tutor or representative to help you understand the ICSE secondary school fees in Mumbai a bit easier.

Where to Apply for ICSE Private Tuition in Mumbai

Do you need to put your child through a reliable secondary schooling program where they can work from the comfort of their own home? At Brilliant Tutors’ Academy, there are several different tuition systems available so that you can manage your finances while helping your child succeed in the areas that matter most. ICSE home tuition Mumbai fees are available for nursery, primary, secondary, or graduate school levels.

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