Truck Accessories and Their Purpose

Truck Accessories and Their Purpose

Automotive dummies fear no more! Here’s a simple guide to some simple truck accessories (Truck Accessories Shingle Springs) that are worth their weight in gold. All of the following accessories can be found at Vintage Transport in Placerville, California. Visit the website for a more in-depth look at what they have to offer.

Floor Liners

Floor liners are one of the most common truck accessories. The standard floor liners normally come in a truck when you buy it, they’re carpet and just cover the other carpet. If you know right off the bat that these will be easily ruined, you can upgrade to Weather Tech Floor Liners (Truck Accessories in Shingle Springs). These are a flexible plastic with ridging so that they catch water and dirt instead of spreading them.

Bed Liners

Bed Liners are necessary if you ever plan on using the truck bed for anything. It prevents the paint from being scratched, which leaves the metal underneath susceptible to rusting. A bed liner is typically plastic, much like the floor liners, with ridges to allow for drainage and traction.

Camper Shells

Camper shells cover the bed of the truck completely, often having windows. They make a truck look more like a SUV. There are some benefits to a camper shell, and no, it has nothing to do with camping– though it does make camping easy. The necessity of this product depends on what you commonly haul. Products like vegetables or loose items that could fly away if the bed was not covered would benefit from having a camper shell. Pets are also safer in a truck with a camper shell protecting them from the elements.

Truck Racks

Truck racks are popular for a few different reasons. They’re big with hunters, to haul their kill back home for processing. They’re also an alternative to a trailer; they can hold bikes or canoes. Truck racks are so versatile that it’s best to find expert advice to determine exactly what fits your needs.

Floor liners, bed liners, camper shells, and truck racks are all common truck accessories and can all enhance the abilities of a truck. Contact Vintage Transport for more information.

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