Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut: How to Identify Hazardous Trees

Many people have removed trees that have a structural defect within their compounds due to fear of the hazards they pose. While hazardous trees should be actively dealt with by every property owner, removal should be taken as the last resort and should be done by a specialist in tree service in Fairfield, Connecticut. Start by inspecting the top, probably using binoculars for better focus. After inspecting the crown, look downward along the trunk, and then carefully examine the root zone. The following are common signs of a hazardous tree:

Dead tree
In some cases, it’s not only the branches that are dead but the entire tree. Such a tree can be easily identified by observing its growth behavior during the rainy seasons. The tree does not grow new green branches but remains as dead wood; it should be removed promptly by an expert. Dead branches can also fall at any time when the tree is hit or a strong wind blows against it thereby posing a safety hazard.

Weak tree species
Some tree branches may still fall yet they were not dead. Such is the case with tree species that are very brittle like the silver maple and willows. These trees have a weak natural structure and you should not build your property too close to them to avoid possible accidents.

Branches that rub
Branches that constantly rub on a windy weather lead to development of weak spots at the branch collar or the trunk tissue gives way to increased stress. These branches should be pruned the moment they are spotted.

Internal tree decay
Trees that are decaying internally, especially in the trunk, can be identified by growth of fungi and canker on the bark among others. Sometimes the trees do not show any external indications of decay but will lean on one side due to death of roots on one side. Such a tree may be a safety hazard especially if it started leaning late in its growth.

If you have planted trees within your compound, have them inspected regularly by professional arborists from Northeast Horticultural services. For tree service in Fairfield, Connecticut, visit website.

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