Toilet Partitions in Philadelphia PA for Institutional and Commercial Restrooms

Toilet Partitions in Philadelphia PA for Institutional and Commercial Restrooms

Schools, churches, restaurants, office buildings, conference centers and a plethora of other buildings require Toilet Partitions in Philadelphia PA for privacy concerns. This equipment is available in different materials, colors and styles from a supplier such as Steel Doors Inc. The website provides information on this particular organization.

Available Materials

Solid plastic and plastic laminate partitions can be purchased, but many customers want to order metal products. Stainless steel is a popular choice, and powder coating is available for metal doors and walls. The equipment gets a lot of use, so the durability of steel is preferable to many people in charge of these decisions.

Different materials are best for various situations. For instance, certain materials are advisable when Toilet Partitions in Philadelphia PA have to stand up against gouging when people inside want to scratch graffiti into the walls. When a prospective customer calls a company to discuss different products, this problem should be mentioned.

Considering Various Habits

Research provides insight into different habits of male and female users of public restrooms and bathrooms in common areas. For instance, males produce more sex-related graffiti and females focus more on romance when making scratches on bathroom walls. Most men are willing to use urinals instead of partitioned stalls as long as they don’t need to sit down.

Design Considerations

Partitions, doors and posts can be ordered in colors and styles that are most attractive to the building owner, interior designer or building manager. These individuals can even order a variation of colors if they want a rainbow effect, although must customers choose the same hue in a neutral color for all parts of the system.

Considering Usage Patterns

Bathrooms in institutional and commercial locations can receive a lot of use by occasional visitors. However, employees sometimes using these restrooms nearly as much as they do the bathrooms in their own homes. And some places with stalls actually are mainly intended for residents. Bathrooms in college residence halls and boarding schools are primary examples. The individuals designing the restrooms must take this frequent use into account and try to create a space that’s comfortable for everyone.

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