Tips for Landscape Design in Fairfield, Connecticut

Tips for Landscape Design in Fairfield, Connecticut

Landscape Design in Fairfield, Connecticut is a skill not every person has. However, this does not mean a property owner should live with a dull, boring yard. With the following tips, every person can have an outdoor area they love. If help is still needed after reading these tips, don’t hesitate to call on a professional for help.

Add Curves to the Landscape

Simply because most homes are square or rectangular does not mean landscape elements must follow these lines. Add a few curves to truly transform the property. The eye is naturally drawn to these curves and will follow them, encouraging people to explore the property. Gentle curves are a good place to start, especially when they are filled with vibrant flowers and plants.

Size Matters

Did you know water tends to move fast through narrow spaces and slows when it comes to open areas? Use this technique to direct people around the property. Encourage them to slow down by opening up focal points of the landscape and have them speed up in areas of no interest by making pathways narrower.

Add Depth to the Property

Do you remember learning in art class about foreground and background? Many people can provide a basic idea of these concepts but know nothing about middle ground. Elements in the foreground draw a person’s eye to the property. The middle ground should be used to rest the eyes before traveling to the background. Make use of this and choose interesting plants and flowers for the foreground. Leave the middle ground an open expanse of gorgeous green grass to rest the eyes and allow the home to serve as the background. Doing so adds depth to the property and makes it look more expansive.

Every property is unique, thus every Landscape Design in Fairfield, Connecticut should be also. When the time comes to upgrade or make changes to your landscape, give Northeast Horticultural Services a call.

They will be happy to work with you to design the perfect outdoor area for your lifestyle, budget, and property. Give them a call today. They are ready to help in any way they can. Click Here to see pictures of completed projects and begin gathering ideas for your own.

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