Three Types of Finance Deals You Can Get From a Knoxville, TN, Dealer

Three Types of Finance Deals You Can Get From a Knoxville, TN, Dealer

Financing is the one thing that you will most definitely need when you visit the Ford dealer in Knoxville, TN. The chances are high that you will not be able to pay for your car out of pocket when you get there. Therefore, you will need the dealership to work out a finance agreement with you. The following are three types of financing deals that you may be able to get.

Buy Here Pay Here

Buy Here Pay Here deals are not common anymore. However, some dealerships still do them if they cannot get their customers to finance any other way. Buy Here Pay Here deal is an arrangement between you and the dealership directly. You agree to pay the dealership a certain amount of money every week, every two weeks or once a month.

Traditional Financing

You may also be able to get financing from a traditional lender. The lender will decide your monthly payments by looking at your credit history and score. Your interest rate will be based on those numbers as well.

Bad Credit Financing

You may have to request poor credit financing if you have an extremely low credit score. Poor credit financing is helpful because it can allow you to leave the lot with a new or used vehicle. However, you may have to pay a remarkably high-interest rate because of your credit score.

Many types of finance deals are available for you at the Ford dealer in Knoxville, TN. It’s up to you and the sales rep to find out which one is best for you. The finance team will work with you to get a deal that’s right for your unique situation. All you need to do is contact the dealership to start the process.

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