Three Things to Consider When Buying a Behavioral Health EHR Software

Three Things to Consider When Buying a Behavioral Health EHR Software

With the great benefits of using EMR (Electronic Medical Records), specialty healthcare providers like mental health professionals are now starting to use behavioral health EHR software. A behavioral health EHR software is specially designed to cater to the specific needs of mental health professionals in order to effectively help their patients.

If you are planning to order this kind of software for your clinic or hospital, here are the things that you need to consider first.

The Software Must Be HIPAA Compliant

When buying EHR software, the first thing to check is if it meets all compliance requirements. it should come with certain features in order to get certified. It should come with a patient portal that is easy to use and understand, a charting style, an e-prescribing module to keep track of your patient’s prescription medicines, and lab integration. Lab integration allows you to receive lab results efficiently in case your patient had a lab test.

The Software Must Come With Advance Options

Though not needed, it would be great if you can find EHR software with advance features. Advance features such as specific menus and intake forms can make your job easier as a clinician. It should come with scales like sadness scale among others. These tools are important if you are dealing with patients with a complicated history.

It would be an advantage as well if it comes with a hands-free note tool. It means you can record while having a session with your patient.

The Software Should Be Easy to Use

EHR software is not hard to use. Because it is new though, some medical professionals might find it hard and complicated to use. If it is the first time for your clinic or hospital to use a behavioral health EHR software, you should ask for training from the manufacturer. Training can also help you understand the advantages of EHR software in your profession as a mental health provider.

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