Three Things to Consider Before Your Concrete Driveway Installation in Mount Vernon, WA

Three Things to Consider Before Your Concrete Driveway Installation in Mount Vernon, WA

Installing a new driveway can increase the curb appeal of your home. Most contractors will give you two options, concrete or asphalt. Both have advantages and disadvantages to using them. While one is more cost effective, the other requires less maintenance.

Concrete and asphalt are both made from a mixture of sand and stone. The biggest difference is the adhesive used to hold it together. Asphalt uses tar, which gives it a black color, while concrete uses cement making it white. Here are three things you need to consider before your concrete driveway installation in Mount Vernon, WA.


Concrete is an easier material to work with if you want to add beauty to your property. You can tint the concrete in different colors to match your home. Creative use of concrete stains can also create unique patterns and designs for your concrete driveway installation.

Weather Conditions

Areas with severe weather conditions, either extreme cold or heat, can affect your driveway. For concrete, extreme cold in the winter can cause cracks to appear. If you salt the driveway to melt ice, it can cause pits to appear, leaving a blotchy appearance. Visit our official website to schedule repairs as needed.


Asphalt driveways need a new seal every six months to a year. Most concrete driveways will last 50 years or more. Concrete can crack and become pitted with wear. Concrete can show oil stains, but they are easily removed with a standard degreaser. If your concrete driveway installation cracks, don’t worry, concrete is easy to repair.

You can preserve the life, and look, of your concrete driveway by having it sealed. Applying a sealant is a simple process and does not need any special tools. Or, you can check with your contractor to see if they offer this service during the installation.

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