Three Options for Landscape Renovation in Lawrence, KS

Three Options for Landscape Renovation in Lawrence, KS

How much time does the family spend in the backyard? The overall look of a property can be a big factor in how people feel about their homes and their yards. If being outside isn’t enjoyable or brings to mind a lot of work that needs to be done, it might be time for a Landscape Renovation in Lawrence KS. Just like any type of renovation, there are lots of options to choose from.

Creating a Lawn

Imagine looking out the window to lush greens covering a portion of the property. Setting up a lawn is a great way to cover a large space while creating a beautifully landscaped area. Areas that were once dirt or rock can be completely transformed into something that looks amazing and full of life. Having a professional come in and set up the lawn means having a space that is done right, blending seamlessly into the other areas of the yard.

Changing, Adding or Caring for Trees and Flowers

Are the trees on the property looking neglected? As part of a Landscape Renovation in Lawrence KS, trees can be trimmed back. Aside from improving their current look, this can also ensure that they continue to grow in a way that will add to the aesthetics of the yard. If there is plenty of space, new trees, bushes, flowers and shrubs can be added to bring more color to the area. Contact GreenTouch Lawn &Tree in Lawrence KS for more information about what type of trees and flowers will thrive in the area’s climate.

Setting Up a Water Management System

Are you avoiding a landscape renovation because you aren’t sure you can take care of the yard once it is set up? Because the change starts from the ground up, a professional can lay out the necessary tools for an easy water management system. Sprinklers and drip systems can be created that make it simple to keep the yard looking lush and beautiful.

Handing the task of a landscape renovation to a professional means not only getting a beautiful yard but also an area that you can maintain. If you aren’t happy looking out the window of your home and into the backyard, consider calling for a consultation today. You can also browse their website for further details.

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