Three Issues That Should Be Inspected By An Elevator Company In Washington DC As Quickly As Possible

Three Issues That Should Be Inspected By An Elevator Company In Washington DC As Quickly As Possible

Elevators are useful tools and make it effortless to get to various floors in a tall building. Despite advancements in technology that make elevators safer and more dependable, there are still times when components can break and leave an elevator unsafe to use. When disaster strikes, be sure to contact an Elevator Company in Washington DC as quickly as possible so they can diagnose the source of the problem and remedy it before it can lead to significant liability.

Alignment Issues

Elevators have to be programmed so that they know where each entry point is located, which allows the unit to stop on various floors. If an elevator goes out of alignment, it can cause the car and the appropriate doors to no longer match up and prevent passengers from being able to enter and exit the unit safely. A technician can determine what is causing the alignment issue and make the needed repairs to restore operation quickly.

Hydraulic Motor Malfunctions

Most lifts are powered by a hydraulic motor that uses a counterweight to lift and lower the car as needed. If the motor unit begins acting unpredictably or the unit is operating slower than it should, it is likely an issue with the drive system. These components should be inspected and replaced if no longer functioning to prevent a complete motor failure that can leave users trapped without warning.

System Overheating

An overheating issue is typically first identified due to the presence of a foul odor arising from the shaft. Even if the lift is operating correctly, it should be shut down until it can be inspected. The majority of overheating problems result from a motor that is being overworked or a mechanical room that is not climate controlled and should be thoroughly examined by an Elevator Company in Washington DC.

Maintaining an elevator can be complicated, but the right contractor can make all the difference. The team at Elevator Technologies Inc. offers a complete array of installation and repair services for most makes and models. Contact them at the first sign of trouble and keep any elevator safe for use.

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