Three Basic Steps Towards Getting The Right Website Design

Getting the right website design for beauty salons can be challenging. It requires you, as the owner and/or manager go about it methodically. It is something you cannot ignore or allow to be executed in a less than professional manner. Failure to pay attention to this increasingly important aspect of marketing can be detrimental to any plans for growth you may have for your salon.

Yet, how do you go about ensuring you obtain the right type of website design? How do you decide whether the offered website design for beauty salons is compatible with your vision of your business? While there is no singular solution and, certainly no guarantees, there are steps you can take to help ensure the website is the best possible for your business.

Step One

The first step is critical. It needs to be completed even before you start to look for a professional website designer. You must sit down with your staff, partners and other individuals associated closely with your business. You talk to them about several things. Include the following:

  • What they want from a website
  • What they think such a site should accomplish
  • Where they see the shop heading – including what services they think could be added and/or removed
  • Goals for the shop – Be sure to set short and long-term goals for the shop. A website can reflect the immediate present but it can also provide direction. It can help your shop move towards the future
  • What they believe are the major features, products and services
  • What they feel is unique about the beauty salon

Obtain a clear picture of their vision of the beauty salon. This is what you will need to move forward to the next step of design

Step Two

Once you have an idea of what the beauty salon is, what it does and what it needs to do, you can then begin to put together a picture that can be transferred to a website design for beauty salons. You then need to sit down and figure out what specific information should be on the site. This means going beyond such basic data as name, location, hours and days open.

For step two of the process, you should look at what the salon offers, categorize it and even prioritize it. Consider what services are the best to promote as well as which ones need promotion. Think about what your shop can offer that no other beauty salon is offering in your area. If there is no difference between you and your rival, think of some way – promotional, reward system, or otherwise, you can make a distinction.

Step Three

Look at various sites and decide what type you prefer. Essentially, you can approach the design in two different ways. It can be:

  • Interactive – a site that allows individuals to easily find information on your site by entering a keyword or two. Interactive can also mean playing games or answering questions on hair products, styles etc.
  • Informative – a site where information on what the salon is doing or the products it sells etc.

Once you have decided what type of site you think will work, understands what you need to appear on it and have a clear vision of the ideal website design for beauty salons, you can proceed to finding the right designer for your site.

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