Things You Should Do to Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Fall and Winter

Things You Should Do to Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Fall and Winter

Summer is slowly fading away in cooler temperatures and shorter days. The kids are back in school and football is on TV. It’s hard to deny that fall is on the way and winter will soon be here. Before the temperatures drop too low, there are some things you’ll need to do to ensure your house is ready for winter. This may include getting siding replacement.

Check Windows and Doors
Before the cold weather moves in, you want to make sure that your house is protected. This includes checking your windows and doors and looking for drafts. Not only will this let the cold air in, but it will let your hot air out, potentially increasing your heating bill and making you pay more than is necessary.

Check Your Siding
You’ll also want to check your siding for cracks or gaps. This can make heating your home less efficient, but it can also create living spaces for insects and other pests. They want to be warm over the winter as well, and they’ll take any advantage they can get. If you find issues, you will want to call in a professional to determine if you need siding replacement. Now is the best time to have the work done, as it will keep your house insulated during the winter and keep unwanted guests out.

Check Your Tree Branches
When winter snow hits, the weight can bend and break branches. If they are too close to your home, they can fall onto your roof and cause damage. Make sure you have at least six or more feet of space between your house and any trees and their branches.

In addition to checking or replacing your siding, for other areas of your home that you’ll need to ready for winter, including gutters, contact Carroll Sons Inc. in the greater Boston area.

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