The Smart Way to Approach Auto Body Repair Work

The Smart Way to Approach Auto Body Repair Work

Let’s face it. Car repairs are inevitable. No matter how durable and well-built your car is, sooner or later, accidents and other incidents will send you to an auto body repair shop. Knowing this is bound to happen, you should take a proactive approach. You need to look at what shops are available in your area – in this case, Missoula. Do so long before anything serious happens.

Research First

When a car breaks down, many people panic. They opt for the first shop the tow driver recommends. This may not be a good thing. Some tow trucks are affiliated with certain shops. It is natural and can be lucrative, for them to recommend their preferred garage.

To avoid this situation, research repair shops in your area. Compile a list and plan out a course of action. This should include a visit to the shop to get a general feel of how it operates, working conditions, and general attitude. While there:

• Notice if they are busy.

• Ask general questions about what types of repairs they do – general, specialized or both, and what makes and models they focus on if any.

• Find out how long the company has been in business and how long the employees have remained with it.

• Notice if they have posted any certifications. Take note of the date and who is behind the certification or licensing. Is it current?

• What type of equipment is visible? Is it modern technology or somewhat dated?

• Does the auto body repair shop work on imports, domestic or both?

• Do they offer warranties? If this is the case, what do they cover and for how long?

Auto Body Repairs

When your car is not functioning, now is the time to find an auto body repair shop. Do the smart thing. Research local Missoula repair shops in advance. This reduces the stress that occurs when your vehicle is suddenly out of commission.

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