The Pros and Cons of Screen Repair for iPhone 6

The Pros and Cons of Screen Repair for iPhone 6

Have you ever dropped your iPhone and picked it up only to find the screen is now shattered? Many iPhone users have found themselves in this dilemma at some point. So, the question is should you take your iPhone 6 for screen repair in St Paul or should you buy a new one?

While on the surface this may seem like an easy answer but here are some tips on the pros and cons of repair versus buy new.

If you have a busted or cracked screen, then consider getting it repaired. The pros for iPhone 6 for screen repair in St Paul are that the screen repair will cost you significantly less than buying a new iPhone. In addition, if the iPhone is still under contract, then a screen repair is your best option. In addition, you will not lose any of the data stored on your phone.

The cons for repair are that the iPhone 6 is several generations old. The iPhone 6 is not the newest model, but it certainly is not antiquated. Even though the phone is no longer sold at retail outlets, it is still usable and can be updated with the most recent software updates. On auctions sites, this iPhone 6 still appears for around a hundred dollars.

The iPhone 6 was released back in 2014 making it several years old. Although older phones can last a long-time user will have problems with newer apps. Newer apps will require the latest IOS. The iPhone 6 can run IOS 11 but significant features introduced by IOS 11 (and some earlier IOS versions) are not supported.

The iPhone 6 is not too many generations back. The phone is still quite usable and should not be discarded just because of a cracked screen. The bottom line is that repairing your iPhone 6 is a better value than purchasing a new one.

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