The Process Involved When Hiring A Company For Air Duct Cleaning Services In Davenport FL

The air duct system in a home has a big job, as it is responsible for transporting air from a furnace to the various rooms in a structure. Many can last for years without requiring maintenance, but dust, allergens, and other debris will settle in the ducts, which can lead to air quality issues and hamper air flow. A company that provides Air Duct cleaning services in Davenport, FL can help by removing the contaminants and can restore an air duct system to like new condition in as little as a few hours.

Removal of Vents And Preparation

The first step is to remove all of the vent covers from the duct system and determine the best points to insert the vacuum equipment to ensure each area of the duct system is adequately cleaned. Some duct systems will have to be disconnected from the furnace to provide adequate access for the technicians and allow them to insert the suction device that will remove the debris.

Visual Inspection

Most companies now use a scope type camera to determine how much dirt has built up and to show the homeowner a before and after of their vents. This will also allow them to identify any problem areas and spend extra time cleaning them to ensure all dust and debris are completely extracted during the cleaning process. Ask the technician about viewing the pictures and see first hand just how dirty a duct system can be.

Cleaning Process

Once all of the preparations are complete, they will then begin the process of cleaning the duct work. A giant industrial vacuum cleaner will be attached to a network of flexible hose, and a large attachment with wheels will then be placed on the end of the hose. The technician providing Air Duct cleaning services in Davenport, FL will move the device through the duct work slowly and use the power of air to release any debris and dispose of it through the vacuum system.

Dirty air ducts can cause a home to smell bad and can cause family members to experience severe allergy issues. Let Springer Brothers Air Conditioning and Heating alleviate this problem by ensuring a home’s air ducts are as clean as possible. Click here to learn more, and take the first step in improving the air quality of any size or age home.

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