The Importance of the Right Pool Chemicals in League City

The Importance of the Right Pool Chemicals in League City

Environmental and human factors impact the purity of swimming pool water. Everything from algae to oils from skin, there could be various substances lurking in the liquid. That is why it is necessary to use chemicals to remove impurities. Having the right chemical combination of pool chemicals in League City helps ensure swimmers won’t contract waterborne diseases that can cause serious health risks.

Chlorine is a Must

Chlorine is available as a powder, liquid, or tablet and is used to disinfectant the water. Hydrochloric acid is created when the chemical is placed in the liquid. The reactions keep algae, harmful microbes such as E. coli, and other bacteria out of the water. Chlorine also controls the levels of organic debris, such as sweat and body oils in the water.

Cyanuric Acid

The sun can alter the chemical makeup of pool water. This is why cyanuric acid is used in outdoor pools. The ultraviolet rays will breakdown chlorine fast, making it ineffective. The acid is designed to protect chlorine and slow down the decomposition process. Using too much of the chemical can also slow down the process of removing bacteria, so ask a pool maintenance specialist for help. They will see that the levels fall into the recommended pH balance range between 7.4 and 7.6.

Addition of Flocculent

Flocculent is a chemical agent that keeps a pools filtration system healthy. It bonds particles together so they can sink to the bottom of the pool instead of clogging the filter. For the chemical to do its job, the filter must be turned off for a few hours after flocculent is poured into the water. This will make the equipment last longer and allow less wear and tear.

To be certain that a pool is safe for swimmers, reach out to the professionals at Cryer Pools. When it comes to pool chemicals in League City, they have been providing exceptional service and maintenance to pools and spas for more than 40 years. Then, for those who prefer to take care of their pool themselves, plan to turn to Cryer Pools for your chemical needs. Visit us online today for more information.

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