The Importance of Calling a Pest Exterminator in Columbia MD When a Termite is Spotted

The Importance of Calling a Pest Exterminator in Columbia MD When a Termite is Spotted

Contacting a Pest Exterminator in Columbia MD for assistance is essential when signs of termites become evident around a residential property. Homeowners can control and even eliminate infestations of numerous other insects, but hiring the experts to deal with a termite invasion is critical. These bugs cause extensive damage as they eat dead wood. Once they move into a structure, their numbers can grow rapidly and the damage they create can go unnoticed for a long time. Left to continue their destruction, termites may do so much excavation that a building cannot even be saved. The reason termites are so successful is because they are so skilled at hiding. They burrow into wood and do their damage from the inside, unlike other bugs that leave obvious signs on the exterior of a structure.

Homeowners may be concerned that they are overreacting if they spot a bug that looks like a termite. It might just be a winged ant, after all. Do they really need to call a Pest Exterminator in Columbia MD? The answer is yes. Unless this person is absolutely certain that the bug was not a termite, he or she should make the call.

Sometimes it’s possible to verify that an insect is indeed an ant with wings. Maybe the homeowner was able to kill it and bring it inside and then look up information and images on the computer to verify the species. If the bug darted out of sight, however, it could have rejoined large numbers of its brethren inside the walls of the building. The only excuse for delaying pest control service is if this person is willing to spend some time over the next few days standing guard at the place where the bug was seen. It’s likely that this bug or others of its kin will make an appearance, and then the person can grab it and make a positive identification. To do so requires knowing exactly how long it is and observing the body structure, then comparing the real bug with life-size, clear photos online. If the insect is a termite, Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. for more information about termite elimination services.

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