The Bridgestone Ecopia Tire

Have you ever heard of an “eco-tire?” If not, you’re not alone as the term is fairly new in the tire industry. An eco-tire is characterized by having a low rolling resistance, which means the tires roll more freely across the road and thereby generates better fuel efficiency. The Ecopia tire sold by Bridgestone Tires in Paramus NJ is one such tire.

The technology used to create this low rolling resistance is a combination of silica (a compound which improves traction during wet conditions), recycled ground rubber made from post-consumer tires, special tire grooves known as “circumferential grooves” that help channel water out of the tire’s footprint area and thereby reducing hydroplaning ,and finally a nano-pro technology that helps to improve rolling resistance by regulating the play between the rubber, polymer and filler materials at the molecular level. All of that results in a tire which creates less friction between tire and road. This improves fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions.

The Ecopia by Bridgestone Tires in Paramus NJ is considered a grand touring tire and an all-season tire. With the exception of a slight soft feeling in steering by some drivers, the pros of the tire are quite impressive. Noticeable fuel efficiency, a quiet and comfortable ride and the ability to perform well in both wet and dry conditions make this tire a serious contender if you are considering upgrading your tires. It has been reported these eco-tires increase mpg by two to three miles per gallon. Other drivers reported the softness of the ride completely absorbs the bumps and joints and train tracks while testing the tires out. These tires are not designed for fast and aggressive driving, rather for a comfortable and soft ride.

These Bridgestone tires in Paramus NJ are designed primarily for compact and subcompact vehicles such as the Prius and Civic. There are 31 sizes for these tires from 175/65/15 to 225/55/18. The expected life of the Ecopia tire is about 65,000 miles, but this could be substantially more or less depending on your driving style. For pricing, contact your local Bridgestone Tire reseller. While there, ask about purchasing a tire warranty. This warranty will provide coverage for flat tires as well as scheduled rotation and tire balancing. Not only do tire shops service and install tires, but they do a whole array of maintenance work, and you could be surprised by how affordable they are compared to auto dealerships.


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