The Benefits Of Utilizing Laser Hair Rejuvenation In West Chester PA

It is estimated that nearly 95 percent of all men will experience male pattern baldness and almost 50 percent of all women will suffer from thinning hair. These statistics can be discouraging for individuals who are struggling with the effects of hair loss, but fortunately, there are options. Laser Hair Rejuvenation West Chester PA can help both men and women restore hair growth and limit the chances of further loss, without the use of harmful medications or invasive procedures.

Painless Procedure

In years past, the only way to overcome the effects of hair loss was to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Not only does the process require an individual to be out of work for several days, but the recovery period can take weeks, and most patients report having scalp pain and discomfort for several days after. Laser methods create no discomfort and allow a person to obtain results more discreetly.

Quick Treatment Sessions

Standard hair transplant surgery can take several hours to complete, and depending on the amount of hair loss can require multiple appointments over the course of several months. Laser Hair Rejuvenation in West Chester, PA can be conducted in sessions that range anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes in length and do not require a person to miss work or come with a lengthy recovery period.


Another benefit of laser hair growth is that it is affordable. It is estimated that the typical hair transplant surgery can range anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000, which is nearly impossible for most people to afford. For a fraction of the cost, anyone can increase hair growth and prevent hair loss, by putting the power of lasers to work, which helps to stimulate the scalp and improve blood flow, resulting in healthy hair follicles.

No one has to live with the side effects of hair loss any longer. The trained aestheticians at BeBalanced Center offer customized laser hair therapy treatments that can allow anyone to prevent hair loss and regrow hair in a few short months. Be sure to visit the website to learn more and take the first step in combating baldness and thinning hair once and for all.

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