The Basics of Community Independent Living in Fairfax County, VA

The Basics of Community Independent Living in Fairfax County, VA

Senior apartments are the most common type of community independent living. They offer many different advantages over other types of living. For example, an independent living community will give you the opportunity to control your own schedule. Many people who live in independent living communities actually only live there seasonally.

Seasonal Living

If you are looking to retire and spend your time traveling, you might not need the expense of a house. Also, a house has a considerable amount of upkeep that you might not enjoy. You could sell your home and move into community independent living in Fairfax County, VA. A senior apartment will give you the opportunity to travel as much as you would like without having to worry about upkeep on your house. Since it’s an apartment, it will be maintained largely by a staff.

Also, things such as taxes, utilities, and other concerns will be covered by the housing facility. You’ll be free to travel as much as you would like. Oasis Senior Advisors – Fairfax County can help you find a facility that’s right for you.

Food and Transportation

Typically, community independent living is completely independent except for food and transportation. Most independent living facilities will offer you food. Some of them have meal plans included; others will allow you to pay for your meals individually. This is typically done at a cafeteria-style facility that is attached to the apartment complex. Also, many of them offer transportation.

It can be difficult to get around, which is why transportation is such a benefit. Usually, that means some kind of bus or van that runs on a schedule. If you want to get into town for shopping, a movie, or anything else, you can take the van where you need to go. You’ll also save some money not having to worry about gas or upkeep on a vehicle. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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