Taking Care of Your Septic System

Taking Care of Your Septic System

Every homeowner who has a septic system at their home should be taking steps to ensure that the system is taken care of and will work properly without any major issues. While it’s easy to ignore your unit unless you are experiencing a problem, regular maintenance will ensure that your system works correctly and will keep you from having to make expensive emergency repairs.

Inspect and Pump Regularly

To make sure that your septic system is working correctly, you will need to call an expert to come and perform regular maintenance checks. They will be able to find any leaks that may be present as well as examine how much sludge and scum there is in your tank. If there is a lot of sludge in the tank, it will need to be pumped so that you don’t run into issues. By having regular checks performed on your septic system, you can catch any problems before they balloon into an emergency.

Protect Your Drainfield

While it can be easy to forget that your drainfield is a part of your septic system, it is actually a very important part of the whole system and how well it works. If you drive or park on your drainfield, plant trees on it and allow the roots to grow into the tank, or allow excess water to run across it, you can damage your drainfield. When damage occurs, your drainfield will not be able to remove the contaminants from the liquid that your tank releases.

If you have not had someone come out to service your system recently, then it is time to call an expert to make sure your system is working properly and doesn’t have any issues. The experts at Valley Isle Pumping have the education, equipment, and experience necessary to identify and repair any problems. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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