Taking Care of Your Septic System in Maui

A septic tank system is one of the most important components in your home. Before installation, you and your contractor should take your time to carefully plan. Its location, size and design are top priorities that should be considered when planning a septic system installation. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about a Septic System in Maui.

When should the septic system be inspected?

Prevention is better than cure and in this case, inspecting the septic system avoids complicated problems afterwards. You should at least have the whole system inspected once in every 1 to 2 years. Have professionals come over and inspect the systems for things like broken pipes. During this routine check up, plants growing near the septic should be cleared as their roots might damage the system’s pipes.

How often should you have your tank pumped?

Professionals recommend that you should have your septic emptied every 3 years. However, certain factors dictate how often the system should be pumped. If your tank is small but you have a big household, your tank might need pumping more often. Therefore, the frequency of pumping will depend on the size and usage.

What should or should not go into the septic?

For a septic system to properly work, you should know what is right and what is not right discard into the tank. Only organic waste should be allowed in the tank. Anything not organic will not be broken down and this might cause blockage in the system. Also avoid using chemicals on your drainage as they kill the bacteria. Bacteria is an important component in the septic and without it, decomposition will not take place. If you suspect that the bacteria level is low, buy bacteria components from your local store and pour into the tank.

Avoid habits that will compromise the functioning of your tank and avoid using water unnecessarily as the tank will get full more quickly. If you notice that your toilets and drainage are backing up and the tank was emptied, get a professional to check if it is a mechanical or organic clog. For more information on septic systems in Maui, visit

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