Some of the Key Reasons Why You Should Hire a Disability Attorney

Some of the Key Reasons Why You Should Hire a Disability Attorney

In an ideal world, you’d work 40 or more years; then, collect Social Security benefits after you retire. However, life is unpredictable and can sometimes leave you with an ailment or injury that precludes you from working. This is when it’s prudent to call an experienced Joliet disability attorney to help you. Here’s why.

Familiarity With Process
An established disability attorney Joliet residents trust, has usually worked on many disability cases and fully understands the process. He or she also knows which types of ailments or injuries can qualify you for disability benefits. Furthermore, your lawyer will know which factors various judges consider when rendering their decisions. Without this type of legal professional, you wouldn’t be privy to any of this.

Assists With Application
A qualified disability attorney Joliet residents rely on, will help you fill out the lengthy application form for disability benefits. In most cases, the attorney or a paralegal will fill out the application form as he or she asks you questions about your condition, work history and living situation. That person will then send the form to the proper party at the Social Security Administration.

Identifies Weaknesses In Case
Your disability lawyer can pinpoint various weaknesses in your case. He or she may, for example, deem that you need a psychological examination to better substantiate your extreme anxiety condition. Your attorney may also recommend that the psychiatrist include a letter with the diagnosis to summarize your condition.

Hearing Advocate
With a disability attorney Joliet, you’ll have a strong advocate at your hearing. During the hearing, your attorney can cite specific medical documents to convince the judge that you have a veritable disability. He or she can also counter any arguments the vocational expert makes about your ability to still perform certain jobs.

Hiring a Joliet disability attorney can help relieve the stress of applying for disability. That’s because you’ll have a highly knowledgeable attorney who can help you through the entire process.

Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. is a highly reputable law firm that services disability applicants in Joliet, Chicago, Rockford, Wheaten, Illinois, and you can reach the firm at 847-299-0008.

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