Snoring: Why It’s a Worse Bad Than You Think

Snoring: Why It’s a Worse Bad Than You Think

Your snoring problems can be more serious than you think. Read on to know more about the condition, how it can negatively affect your health, and why you need to seek out snoring treatment in Tampa FL.

What happens when you snore?

Snoring happens when there’s a partial obstruction in your airway. As a result, there’s less air that moves in and out of your lungs and leads to lower levels of oxygen.

Is it harmful?

In a word? Yes. Science Daily reports it can cause thickening and abnormalities in your carotid artery. Snoring is also associated with sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that can aggravate heart problems or lead to heart complications. If the condition is severe enough, people with sleep apnea may suffer a heart attack in their sleep.

Should I go to the dentist?

Snoring a time or two isn’t a problem. But if you suffer from chronic snoring, then that could be an indication of a bigger problem. Don’t dismiss it. If your housemates, family or partner inform you that you have a bad snoring habit, then seek out snoring treatment in Tampa FL right away.

How will I know?

If you live alone, then it can be a bit hard to determine if you have a snoring problem. Watch out for signs, then. Do you often feel tired even after you’ve slept for hours? Do you often feel sleepy during the day? Are you finding it hard to concentrate? Have poor memory and focus? Then these are signs that you may be suffering from sleep apnea. The frequent interruptions compromise the quality of your sleep and lead to poor concentration, focus, and memory.

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, snoring problems or TMJ, don’t ignore the signs. Seek out help. Look for a qualified and experienced dentist.

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