Small and Large Floor Cleaning Equipment in Houston, TX

Commercial cleaning needs range from having a mop in a group home closet to requiring a ride-on floor scrubber for the lobby or conference room. There are also many needs between those two extremes. The group home can get by with a broom and mop from the department store unless it is one of many group homes operated by one company or organization. In that case, buying even small and simple Floor Cleaning Equipment in Houston TX can get expensive fast.

Know Where to Go

An experienced supply distributor, such as Matera, can provide cleaning equipment and the related chemicals and supplies at low pricing. Since 1957, all types of janitorial supplies, paper products, skin care, and Floor Cleaning Equipment in Houston TX, among others, have been available at the lowest pricing in town. Large machinery, like buffers, extractors, burnishers, and air movers, is on-hand. Vacuums, industrial sized brooms and mops, dusters, window cleaning kits, and chemical dispensers can be found in stock and priced to be budget-friendly. Visit the website one time to discover machinery, chemicals, and even green supplies.

Not Just Products

Managers will be thrilled to realize that material safety data sheets (MSDS) are available for all products sold. They simply have to be printed or downloaded. These MSDS sheets are mandatory for all chemicals used in a commercial setting. They include ingredients, instructions for excessive exposure or contact, handling and storing details, and side effects, as well as interactions with other chemicals. Medical personnel, fire investigators, and inspectors will need these in case of emergency or routine inspection by an oversight agency.


Most distributors do not provide training on products or cleaning topics. The website provides training via demonstration videos on over a dozen topics including carpet care, general cleaning, safety, stains, and mold and mildew removal. These are ideal for new staff and current staff who need a refresher on a certain topic.

A clean facility will reduce illness, tripping hazards, falls, germs, and worker’s compensation claims. It also makes an excellent first impression on visitors, potential residents or partners, and inspectors. Make the smart investment in proper cleaning supplies and equipment. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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