Simple Facts about Dental Implants in Manassas

One of the most asked questions about dental implants in Manassas is if they are worth the money. According to studies and patient testimonies, the answer is a gigantic “yes”! Implants can be placed on any person once their jaw is able to withstand osseointegration. This usually happens around 16 in women and 18 in men, but each case varies from person to person. There is no contraindication due to age though. There are basically two forms of prosthetic rehabilitation on implants: Ceramic fixed prosthesis, which provides the highest level of aesthetics, comfort and function, and removable prosthesis, which is made of resin and is a cheaper option.

The fundamental conditions to ensure success are:

*      Proper planning of the case.

*      The surgeon’s experience (implant size and proper placement).

*      The development of the prosthesis considering the loads to be supported and the correct setting to prevent abnormal forces involving an overuse of the implants.

Perhaps the most significant risk is the loss of sensation in the lower lip during surgery. You must remember that this loss of sensitivity can be temporary or permanent. Therefore, you must ensure that the dentist is especially careful when operating in that area because touching the nerve for too long will cause problems in the near future. On the other hand, it is essential that implants are positioned correctly from the beginning because once they are osseointegrated, removing it means removing part of the jawbone. This can greatly complicate rehabilitation and the results will never be the same.

Today dentists use advanced techniques to perform surgery. You can use maxillary sinus lifts and grafts which may be autologous (the patient’s own) or otherwise, and with an extremely high success rate. There are fortunately very rare cases in which a patient wishes to be rehabilitated but cannot. The field of bone regeneration is undoubtedly one of the major advances of Implantology in recent years.

Implantology is perhaps the only case in medicine in which the artificial substitute has better functionality than the original organ. An implant that works correctly in the mouth (it is placed in the best position and supports the mouth according to its size and load) has much higher durability than a natural tooth. To learn more about dental implants in Manassas, contact your local dentist.

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