Sheet Metal Fabrication Services: Focus On Metal Stamping

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services: Focus On Metal Stamping

The fabrication business consists of many different types of shops. They offer a variety of services to attract and retain a strong customer base. Some may provide plating and other types of coatings. For others, the sheet metal fabrication services they tender include metal stamping.

What Is a Sheet Metal Stamping?

Stamping or pressing involves placing a sheet of flat metal into a machine or stamping press. The press uses a tool and die surface. The result is the cutting and formation of an explicit shape or profile. The specific processes during stamping include:

* Bending
* Blanking coining
* Embossing
* Flanging
* Punching

The process may occur in a single stage or involve several stages or phases. It may be one of two types: mechanical or hydraulic. However, no matter what the approach, three components are always requisite:

* The sheet metal
* The stamping press
* The stamping die

Without these, you cannot have stamping.


Stamping is one of many sheet metal fabrication services provided by some companies. It is applicable to a variety of materials. Metals include aluminum, steel and stainless steel. However, the process can use material ranging from base to precious metals and rare alloys. The following industries often require the results of metal stamping:

* Aerospace
* Agriculture
* Ammunitions
* Appliances
* Automotive
* Construction
* Electronics/Electrical
* Food and beverage
* Lighting
* Marine
* Medical
* Papermaking
* Plumbing
* Power Storage and Tools

Other industries frequently rely on stamping to ensure the result meets the requirements and specifications of their projects.

Stamping: Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Affecting Daily Life

Sheet metal stamping is a common practice. It goes largely unrecognized even though it is a commonplace method of producing everyday items. Sheet metal stamping is behind the manufacturing of washers and dryers in our homes. It provides gun shells, beverage cans, pots, pans and even cigarette lighters. Indeed metal stamping is one of the most common sheet metal fabrication services. Yet, although present throughout our daily lives, it remains essentially invisible.

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