Several Issues Requiring a Hydraulic Pump Rebuild in Joliet, Illinois

Several Issues Requiring a Hydraulic Pump Rebuild in Joliet, Illinois

Hydraulic pumps are subject to a lot of wear. As a result, they are the most frequent culprits when it comes to system failures in hydraulic machinery. Although it is not unheard of for a pump to go out with no advance notice, most of the time there are warning signs indicating it might be time for a Hydraulic Pump Rebuild in Joliet Illinois prior to complete system failure. Keep a look out for the following issues to help prevent further damage and equipment downtime.

Pump Cavitation

When a pump begins to cavitate, it ceases to draw in enough oil. As a result of the extra air in the system, hydraulic machines often become much noisier. This issue may also cause extreme heat around the front bearing and shaft, erratic cylinder movement, insufficient pressure build-up, and milky looking oil.

Air Leaks

If air is leaking into a hydraulic pump, it will also lend a peculiar milky appearance to the oil immediately after the system has been started. This symptom will typically disappear within an hour after the machine has been shut down. Be sure to check the oil level to ensure it is not low prior to taking more serious steps toward having the pump rebuilt or replaced.

Water Leaks

Water can leak into the oil in the hydraulic pump from a variety of sources. It can come from leaks in the heat exchanger, condensation in the reservoir, and other points depending on the machine’s configuration. A leak can be diagnosed by taking a look at the oil. If it is milky in appearance but clears up almost immediately after the machine ahs been shut down, it’s probably water, not air, causing the trouble.

Low Flow

If the hydraulic pump is delivering too little flow, there are a few things that could be wrong. Some are simple, such as low oil in the reservoir and clogged intakes. Others, such as stuck or corroded valves, vanes, or pistons will likely require a complete rebuild.

Most of the time hydraulic pumps can be replaced or repaired without having to purchase an entirely new machine. Visit to find a company that can perform a Hydraulic Pump Rebuild in Joliet Illinois or replaces the defective pump with a new one.

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