Serious Personal Injury Cases Should Be Handled By A Lawyer

by | May 4, 2017 | Lawyers

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Personal injury claims run the gamut from the very simple to the extremely complex. You may have been nipped by your neighbors dog, you might have slipped and fell in the supermarket or you suffered serious injuries in a vehicle collision. All of these are example of personal injury; the severity of your injuries can make a world of difference on how the claim is handled. In some situations you can probably just deal with it person to person without any other involvement, in other situations you may be far better off by hiring a Waukegan personal injury lawyer to pursue a claim on your behalf.

Problems associated with handling your own case:

Many accident victims don’t know what they are getting themselves into until they reach a point where they don’t know which way to turn next. Reaching this point and then hiring a Waukegan personal injury lawyer can often just complicate matters. Before you do anything, assess your own ability to handle the claim, understand what you stand to lose if it is handled incorrectly. If you are unsure of how to effectively deal with the claim then you are going to be far better off by hiring an experienced lawyer.

Settlements are usually larger when a lawyer is involved:

On average, a person represented by a personal injury lawyer can expect a settlement three and a half times larger than if he or she had of pursued the case independently. Depending on the situation, the laws can be extremely complex.

   * What would you do if you are involved in a car accident and the other driver is uninsured?
   * What would you do if the dog that bit you is diseased and you pay out large medical bills?

These are the types of things that happen all the time, you can see how personal injury claims can quickly become complicated and why hiring a personal injury lawyer is to your advantage.

If you have suffered injury through no fault of your own you should always consult with a Waukegan personal injury lawyer. To discuss the details of your case you are invited to contact Shea Law Group.