Seeing A Dentist In Oak Lawn For Dental Implants

Seeing A Dentist In Oak Lawn For Dental Implants

It is important to realize dental implants are just one of the prosthetic solutions available for partially edentulous patients. Like any restorative solution, they have certain advantages and disadvantages. The ideal solution for each patient should be assessed globally with all dental practitioners involved. When orthodontics is needed to prepare the dentition to receive dental implants in Oak Lawn, a dentist can work with various specialists to give patients the best prosthetic solution.


Significant progress has been made in the field of implant dentistry since the early 1980s. Literature now states success rates hit 95 to 98%. Several implants placed more than 20 years still have no problems. One can believe that osseointegrated implants can remain for life. However, studies report an average lifespan of 10 years. One important thing to remember: crown, bridge or dentures supported by an implant must be replaced after a certain time, like any other dental prosthesis.

Prevents Bone Loss

When a tooth is extracted, some bone loss will inevitably occur. This loss will increase gradually over the years so that the height and width of the bone may have to be increased to allow for an implant. If an implant is placed soon after the loss of a tooth, the chances of maintaining the volume of bone are increased. Dental implants prevent bone loss by allowing masticatory forces to be distributed in the alveolar bone around the implant. The jaw bone reacts to these forces by increasing the density of the bone which makes it more durable, sturdy and functional.

Installation Method

The placement of dental implants and bone augmentation procedures are done either by a general Dentist in Oak Lawn trained for this purpose, a periodontist, or a maxillofacial surgeon. Periodontal tissue regeneration techniques can increase the success of periodontal tissues when implants have certain deficiencies. Once the diagnosis is made and the feasibility is determined, two more key technical techniques can be used for the placement of dental implants. These procedures are usually made with local anesthesia. An incision is made in the gum, then a drill is used to drill a hole into the gum. This is where the dentist places the titanium implant. Visit Oak Lawn Smiles Family Dentistry for more information.

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