Search For the Best Carpet in Glenview

Search For the Best Carpet in Glenview

If the room calls for carpet, search for the best. Don’t settle for an inexpensive type of carpet that will mat and soil easily. Go to a dependable carpet supplier and installer such as American Carpet Distributors. Look for name brands and carpets that are soil resistant and durable as well as attractive. A good carpet can add beauty and warmth to a room. Commercial carpet can make a business seem more welcoming to customers. Choose the best carpet in Glenview that is available.

The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Carpet.

Commercial carpet is designed and manufactured to be durable and soil resistant even in high traffic situations such as office buildings and retail spaces. These carpets usually have low pile and colors designed to hide dirt while being attractive. They cover large areas and must be able to be seamed invisibly. Many of these commercial carpets are glued to the floor rather than stretched over tack strips.

Residential carpets are designed to be beautiful, comfortable to walk on, and easy to care for. Most residential carpets are installed over padding with tack strips. This type of installation makes for a softer, more comfortable feel. It takes good professional installers to stretch the residential carpet over tack strips. The tension must be even, and the seams must be invisible. Residential carpets come in different textures such as cut pile, plush, Berber, Berber-plush, and other textures. Residential carpets come in a wide array of colors from snowy white to the deepest black and all the colors in between.

The Importance of Good Installation

Choosing the best carpet the budget will allow and then having it installed by professional installers is important. The wrong density or thickness of padding can ruin a carpet and cause it to get wavy or break down. Improper seeming can spoil the look of the most expensive carpet. The edges of carpet where it meets another flooring in doorways must be perfect. Make sure to choose a carpet supplier that hires only the best carpet installers. Great carpet in Glenview deserves a great installation.

The carpet when properly installed should look like one large piece of flooring that fits the room or rooms perfectly. For more information, go to

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