Saving Money On The Purchase Of An Illumina DNA Sequencer

Saving Money On The Purchase Of An Illumina DNA Sequencer

For many labs and testing facilities, upgrading to an Illumina DNA sequencer offers several benefits. This includes the ability to operate using NGS or Next-Generation Sequencing technology that is fast, accurate and can use smaller sample sizes that what may be required for Sanger sequencing technology.

The other benefit of using NGS technology is the possibility to use the process for a wider range of different applications. For research labs, this is particularly important as it is possible to test the DNA from any type of living organism, a factor that is essential in many clinical types of studies and trials.

In addition, the use of an Illumina DNA sequencer also allows for scalability in testing as well as specificity of testing. Small sections of the genome can be targeted with the equipment, allowing for more focused research and testing potential.

The Cost Factor

Perhaps the single biggest challenge for any lab is affording the cost of a new Illumina DNA sequencer. There are different sizes of benchtop systems with different speeds and throughput ratings, but they are costly. For a new lab or a smaller lab, a more cost-effective option is to consider a used sequencer.

These sequencers can be found through top used chemical and analytical companies. With in-house technicians that test and verify the operation of the system, this is an ideal way to own a like-new used model at a fraction of the cost of new.

The best companies offering the Illumina sequencers as used or refurbished equipment will also offer financing. This is typically through a third-party lender that provides funding specifically for equipment, providing the option to pay out over time at a pre-approved rate.

Saving money on a DNA sequencer doesn’t mean having to choose an older or lower capacity model. Take the time to compare different used lab equipment companies; you will find a solution for your analytical equipment needs.

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