Reduce Stress and Stay Healthier With Massage Therapy in Moore OK

Everyone is well aware of the stress we all face in our daily lives. We are being told all the time how detrimental this stress is on our health. Stress can wear down your body’s immune system, allowing you to get sick easier. It can also cause more rapid aging and make you more susceptible to disease.

With more and more people having to spend hours sitting at a computer to work, the lack of physical exertion, along with tight muscles in the shoulders and neck can cause headaches, back pain and other problems. This is where massage therapy in Moore OK can do so much for you. Not only is the entire experience done in a way to allow you to relax and de-stress, it can also allow those tense shoulder and neck muscles to relax, helping to reduce physical problems associated with the muscle tightness.

Massage therapy in Moore OK also helps to improve the circulation, something that can be lacking from sitting too long each day. The massage also helps your lymph system to keep working. This is a crucial part of your immune system that needs to have you moving to keep it operating. The massage can stimulate the lymph system to help make up for that lack of movement during the long work day.

Anyone who is having problems with specific areas of their body can have clinical massage done to work the specific body part. This can be useful for anyone recuperating from an injury or some surgeries. The massage therapists at Longevity are trained to work the muscles in a deep and therapeutic way to provide myofascial release. This type of deep body-work can help to ease pain and provide more mobility.

There is also massage that can begin with hot stones placed along the spine to help the muscles begin to relax before they are worked on by the massage therapist. This is a deeply relaxing experience that can really lower your stress levels. Since the therapists are looking to help you be healthier from the inside-out, they can also do body scrubs that will remove dead skin and get your circulation going to give you an all-over healthy feeling and glow. Follow us on Facebook!

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