Reasons Why You Should Have Your Cat Spay and Neuter Mesa AZ

Many cat owners wonder if they should have their cats spay and neuter Mesa AZ area. As a human being, you wonder what the benefits could be in putting your furry friend through a surgery that will ultimately prevent them from creating kittens. Many are unaware of the many benefits that can come from having this procedure done to your male or female cat. The only reason that one might opt not to have the procedure done would be if they intended to have more kittens, or was a breeder.

The main common reasons for cat owners to have their pets spay and neuter Mesa AZ area. One of the main reasons for this would be to prevent your cats from creating a litter. All over the world there are issues with stray cats and not having enough homes wanting them. This creates a huge problem for many and therefore, unless you’re intention is to keep the kittens you should probably consider having the procedure done for your pet.

You can find a local animal hospital that performs spay and neuter Mesa AZ area. If you have a female cat, they will be getting spayed. This procedure involves removing the ovaries and the uterus. If you are the owner of a male cat they will be neutered. This procedure involves the removal of their testicles. You want to make sure that you are familiar with the practicing vet so that you can voice any concerns you may have.

It is recommend that all spay and neuter Mesa AZ for both male and female cats should be done by the time the cat is at least six months old. The reason for the wait is so there is not as much stress on your kitten, and it will also prevent any early pregnancies from occurring. If your cat is already full grown, you can still have the procedure done.

There are a lot of myths about spay and neuter Mesa AZ area. Many cat owners feel that if they have the procedure done that it will change the cat’s overall personality and possibly make them overweight. However, if you speak with the vet they can explain to you that with the right feeding and care it will not have an adverse affect on their eating or their behavior.

What many cat owners are unaware of is that to spay and neuter Mesa AZ could benefit their cat in a great way. Spaying your female cat means you can lessen the chances of tumors, ovarian cancer, and even uterine cancer. Neutering your male cat can help with lessening the chances of testicular tumors and prostate disease. Also behavioral problems in both male and females can be changed for the better. Females will not have to go through the heat stage in which they howl and cry. Males you can lessen the spraying (smelly urine throughout the home) and aggression that might be shown. So talk with your local vet about how these procedure can help your cat for the long haul.


Still worried about having your cat spay and neuter Mesa AZ area? Meet with some of the best vets and talk about the many benefits your cat can have. For more information, visit Family Vet Care online.

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