Reasons to Choose Laser Dentistry in New York

Reasons to Choose Laser Dentistry in New York

Many people dislike going to the dentist because they fear pain or dislike needles. Many times, the needle is essential to deliver anesthesia so that you don’t feel pain. However, those who are scared of needles or don’t like the feeling of the anesthetic may want to consider laser dentistry in New York.

Lasers can perform many of the treatments that dentists usually do with metal instruments and don’t require anesthesia or require less of it because the lasers are more precise.

Two Types

Dentists who offer laser dentistry in New York usually have two lasers available. The hard-tissue lasers use wavelengths that penetrate water and hydroxyapatite, which allows them to cut through tooth structures and bone quickly and precisely. Procedures using these lasers include preparing the tooth for a filling and sealing tubules for sensitive teeth.

Soft-tissue lasers are also available and use a wavelength that can be absorbed by water and hemoglobin, which means they are perfect for soft-tissue areas of your mouth. Procedures that use these lasers can include teeth whitening, sleep apnea treatment, removing skin folds, reshaping the gums, and lengthening the crown of the tooth.


Laser dentistry in New York prevents a lot of the pain associated with dental procedures because traditional dentistry (with metal tools) requires vibrations, heat, and pressure. Lasers don’t need any of that, which means there is less swelling, fewer anesthetics required, and less medication to reduce pain.

Lasers are also more precise and accurate than a human, which means your dentist may be able to work quickly without causing other problems. For example, sometimes, dentists inadvertently cause tooth sensitivity to other teeth while trying to treat a particular issue. Lasers reduce that issue, ensuring that you can get things taken care of faster and accurately.

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