Protecting business and property from protests

Protecting business and property from protests

The increasing number of public protests and demonstrations in the headlines in recent times has likewise seen a growth in concern from those who own property or business premises as to their safety.

Business and property owners want to make sure that their property is protected in the event of a protest escalating into violence, but how can this be achieved?

One good method of preparing for a protest that is set to take place near your building is to ensure that any valuable items have been stored away somewhere safe. The greater number of items that are out, the more likely it is that something will be stolen or damaged.

Cars should be parked in garages or some other safe parking area and mailboxes emptied to ensure nothing important can be taken. Valuable items such as kids’ toys or bikes should also be put away.

Businesses should have emergency lockdown procedures in place in the event that a nearby demonstration begins to get out of control. The ability to lock down or limit access to your building can be crucial in such situations, so it is a good idea to have a program written to allow your access control system to automatically lock all exterior doors.

If your business does not already have proper security, it can be a good idea to hire security guards even if only for the duration of a planned protest. Security officers are well trained and know how to professionally respond to any threats to your property or staff.

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