Proper Packaging in Custom Boxes from Pembroke, GA Ensures Happy Shipping

Proper Packaging in Custom Boxes from Pembroke, GA Ensures Happy Shipping

Corrugated cardboard boxes offer strength and affordability for packaging or shipping. Combined with the custom packaging according to the size of the contents and you have the assurance of your items being well-preserved for as long as they remain in the container.

Types of Box Styles

Boxes come in various styles depending on your shipping or packaging needs.

  • Regular Slotted Container – flaps all the same length
  • Half Slotted Container – like regular slotted containers but with only one set of flaps
  • Overlap Slotted Container – outer flaps overlap for stapling or adhesion
  • Full Overlap Slotted Container – outer flaps are almost a complete overlap
  • And more

Folder Styles

  • One Piece Folder – for easy packing and access
  • Five Panel Folder – ideal for long, heavy, or flat items
  • Telescope Design Box – excellent for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Die-Cuts – the custom fit for strength and protection
  • And more

Corrugated cardboard is excellent for product displays and for additional strength packaging.

Custom Packaging Extras

Providing extra layers of protection ensures products reach their destination in pristine condition. This added protection includes:

  • Corrugated pads for bracing and filling
  • Corner pads to protect edges
  • Scored pads for customizable padding for a firm hold in the box
  • Dividers to maintain stability during movement

Call Today for Details

Ordering in bulk has its advantages. For more information about Express Packaging visit them online at You can receive a free quote using their online form or call them at (912) 653-2800.

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