Post Renovation Cleaning of Your Home

Have you recently renovated any part of your house or are you planning to in the near future? Adding a new room or updating one is always great for the resale value of your home, and it is enjoyable for you as well. Sometimes, you need new cabinets because the old ones have loose or split doors, or they are separating from the wall. New bathtubs and sinks with cabinets make any bathroom look new. The dust and small particles from renovation materials that are left behind once the work is finished are a hassle though. Consider a maid service like Molly Maid to clean up that mess.

Post renovation cleaning is a necessity. There will always be a mess left behind that will need to be cleaned up. Wood shavings and dust particles will accumulate, even on the surfaces of your newly-installed products. This dust will get into the carpet or cover the flooring and will need to be cleaned to make your renovation look brand new. The renovation company is not a cleaning company so they will leave that to you. You may not have the time to do this deep-cleaning that will need to be done. Let a maid cleaning service take care of it for you.

Professional maid services will dust from top to bottom, evening cleaning windowsills, which is one place those particles gather. They will thoroughly vacuum any carpeted areas, and clean and polish those hardwood or tiled floors. Complete bathroom and kitchen cleaning along with sanitizing is on their performance list. All mirrors and glass surfaces will receive a smudge free clean as well. Even your appliances will get top notch service.

So before you try to tackle the enormous Post Renovation Cleaning job necessary after a home renovation, call your local maid service and see what they can offer you. They will give you free estimates and let you know about their guarantees. They can give you time frames for work to be completed and let you know when they will be arriving. If you must be at work or elsewhere when they arrive, let them know and they will work with you on that as well. They will give you professional work at a reasonable price and give you more free time! For more details visit Facebook Page.

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