Options For Testing Using An Illumina DNA Sequencer

Options For Testing Using An Illumina DNA Sequencer

The choice of an Illumina DNA sequencer provides a range of different options for labs and testing facilities. The NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technology provides significant advantages over older systems using the Sanger method.

The use of DNA sequencing using NGS technology allows for small sample sizes. It can also be used for sequencing of very targeted areas of a genome or the complete sequencing of the genome.

With the use of an Illumina DNA sequencer researchers and technicians can develop the information they need about any organism as it relates to the transcriptome, epigenome or the full genome.

Methylation Sequencing

The methylation sequencing method can be used for the target areas of for a complete analysis of an entire genome. This is a process which can be used for samples from most types of organisms and requires a very small amount of DNA to complete the process.

DNA Sequencing

The Illumina line of NSG DNA sequencers is able to use both clone amplification and synthesis to quickly and accurately provide sequencing results. The use of fluorescent signals allows for easy recognition of the DNA sequence with extreme precision and accuracy, eliminating the need to repeat testing for verification.

This is also a technology which can be used for any organism and, with complete scalability, the Illumina DNA sequencer can accommodate the sequencing needs of any lab.

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