Medical Emergencies Can Be Treated By A 24 Hour Vet In San Diego

Medical Emergencies Can Be Treated By A 24 Hour Vet In San Diego

If a cat is bit by an animal while outdoors, it is imperative that medical care is administered immediately. Because a pet owner will be unaware if their pet was attacked by a rabid animal, rabies testing will need to be performed. A 24 Hour Vet in San Diego offers emergency services for domesticated animals. The following strategies will assist with seeking medical care and transporting a cat to an animal hospital.

Contact A Veterinarian And Relay Symptoms

A veterinarian should be contacted quickly and symptoms that a cat is exhibiting need to be relayed. If a pet is lying down or is having difficulty moving, one or more bones could be fractured. An injured animal should not be picked up or forced to stand on its feet because additional strain that is placed on injured areas could increase the amount of pain that a pet is experiencing.

A pet owner needs to remain calm and speak slowly to a veterinarian so that a pet does not become more distressed and so that the recipient of a call can comprehend what is being said. If the individual witnessed the attack, they should provide information about the other animal and the nature of the attack.

Apply Pressure To A Wound And Transport A Pet

If an individual is advised to transport a pet to a facility where medical care is provided, a veterinarian may suggest that a compress is applied to a flesh wound so that bleeding subsides. Before applying a compress, an individual should wash their hands and cover them with a pair of sterile gloves to prevent bacteria from getting into the wound.

A soft cloth or towel can be draped around an injured area before applying pressure to a wound. After bleeding has slowed down or stopped altogether, a pet owner should open the passenger door to their vehicle.

A couple clean towels need to be draped across the passenger seat. An injured pet needs to be lifted slowly and set down on top of the towels. Contact website or a similar website if a 24 Hour Vet in San Diego is needed for a medical emergency.

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