Making Your Neighborhood Safer

Making Your Neighborhood Safer

As your neighborhood grows, its traffic grows too. Soon, the place you thought of as quiet and peaceful becomes busy and dangerous. When the traffic in your neighborhood reaches the point where you believe crossing the street or walking your dog might be treacherous, it’s time to investigate some traffic management products.

There are plenty of products your neighborhood can use to manage traffic and make your streets safer. Flashing beacons can warn drivers to slow down or to be aware of upcoming crosswalks.

These effective traffic products don’t require a lot of planning or a lot of money. Solar powered flashing beacons can be installed anywhere, even if there’s no electrical supply available. If you have electrical power, the solar power provides a great backup to ensure your beacon works even when the power is out.

Flashing traffic beacons are also high quality and long lasting. The same product can be used in multiple ways and to solve multiple traffic problems. Beacons can even be equipped with a timer that turns them on for a specified amount of time at specified periods during the day. This allows you to turn the beacons on and off during peak traffic periods only, to prevent drivers from becoming immune to the beacon’s flashing.

Talk with your homeowner’s association about installing a solar powered flashing beacon in areas where your neighborhood’s traffic has become out of hand. Your neighborhood can easily petition the city or county’s traffic enforcement division for permission to install the beacons.

You and your neighbors will feel so much safer once a solar powered flashing beacon is protecting you at the most dangerous crosswalks or curves in your neighborhood. Before you know it, your neighborhood can be as safe as when you first moved in.

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