Learning The History Of California Wines In Long Island, NY

Learning The History Of California Wines In Long Island, NY

The story of American wine-making begins in California. Wine lovers shopping for California Wines in Long Island NY will appreciate this history lesson. Interestingly, U.S. wine-making, religion and Spanish exploration are intertwined. Northern California’s climate is perfect for growing grapes due to a mix of sunshine and cool winds.

Mission Wine

The first wine in California was produced at missions set up by the Franciscans. Indeed, wine was necessary for religious rituals such as communion. There was no wine available so the priests used vine cuttings from Mexico to start vineyards. The grapes were black and the so-called mission wine was the only type available for years. It wasn’t long before immigrants brought European-grape varieties to California. A Hungarian Count is credited with opening the first winery in the state near Sonoma in 1857. In fact, Sonoma and Northern California are the center of the wine industry.

Birth Of An Industry

The wine industry grew quickly in California and wines were exported to other countries. Unfortunately, Prohibition passed in 1919 and the industry took a break. However, the law allowed individuals to make enough wine for their personal use. Americans had to get wine-quality grapes from somewhere so they were shipped from California. As a result, vineyard land tripled in value.

After Prohibition, industry leaders worked hard to return the industry to its former glory. Changes were made to make American wine stand out from European wines. For instance, winemakers started labeling wine by the type of grape used. Robert Mondavi was one of the leaders of modern wine-making. He founded a winery that led the way to California becoming a force in the wine industry. Soon, the state’s wines were winning awards around the globe.

Modern History

Today, California is the fourth largest wine producer in the world. Further, 90-percent of the wine produced in the U.S. comes from California. Amazingly, the state boasts over 100 American viticultural areas and a half-million acres are devoted to growing grapes. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are the top wines made in California. Also, wine tourism is responsible for adding over a billion-dollars to the state’s economy each year. Visit Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. to find California Wines in Long Island NY. Like us on Facebook.

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