Learn the Basics of Foster Adoption in Phoenix, AZ

Adoptions that take place through the foster care system are known as foster adoption in Phoenix AZ. These cases occur when a foster family takes a child or children in temporarily with the goal to place them back with their birth family when the issues at home have subsided, but the placement falls through. These children then need a permanent place to call home and a family to love them, which is when agencies turn toward the foster family.

Special Needs

One characteristic many of these children have in common is their need for special care. They might be developmentally mature but are harmed emotionally or even physically and need a lot of tender, loving care to get them back to functioning in normal life. The children are not typically infants; there are more toddlers and teens in the system who need loving homes. This can make it a little more difficult to adopt because you are taking in children who have a history that predicates their personality, behavior and actions.

Change in Care

When you are providing foster care for a child or children, the decision making for them is sometimes a shared responsibility between the agency, foster parents and sometimes the birth parents if they are still in the equation. Once you go through foster adoption in Phoenix, AZ, you become solely responsible for all decision making and care for the child or children. This includes all school enrollment decisions, healthcare decisions, travel and any type of relationship that ensues with the birth family.


There are many benefits of becoming a foster parent and then adopting the child or children at a later time. The most obvious benefit is the ability to get to know the child, their background and what makes them act the way they do. This gives foster parents an advantage in being able to provide the quality care each child needs because the needs differ from child to child.

Foster adoption in Phoenix, AZ, is a great way to give a permanent home to children who would otherwise have to live in temporary homes for the rest of their childhood. Understanding you will be fulfilling an important role in the development, both physically and emotionally, of these children will help you become a stronger advocate for them. Making your relationship permanent by choosing to adopt the child or children gives them a place they can call home and stable relationships in their life.

For more information about foster adoption in Phoenix, AZ, visit A Place to Call Home online or call 1-480-456-0549.

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