Learn More About Help for Sinus Problems in Louisville, Kentucky

Learn More About Help for Sinus Problems in Louisville, Kentucky

Allergies affect many parts of the body, but the sinuses experience most of the discomfort. Sinus problems can become so severe that people miss work or school, struggle to think clearly, and may put their wellbeing at risk due to repeated infections. Learn to identify the common signs of acute and chronic sinusitis so treatment can begin sooner.

Know the Symptoms

The most common problems related to sinusitis include nasal congestion and discharge. A sore throat, pain and pressure across the face, and earaches are also common. Many people with sinusitis also experience toothaches, a reduction in their senses of taste and smell, and may feel tired or have frequent headaches. The drainage of fluid from the sinuses may also cause coughing or bad breath.

Understand the Severity

Acute sinusitis generally only lasts a few weeks before it clears up on its own. The most common cause of these types of sinus problems in Louisville KY is usually seasonal allergies. The problems clear up for the sufferer once the allergen is no longer in the environment. People with acute sinusitis can develop bacterial infections, so any sinus issue that also includes a fever is worth a visit to the doctor.

Chronic sinusitis is a lengthier version of the condition that often becomes more severe because of its duration and the effect the constant irritation has on the sinus cavity. People with chronic sinusitis typically have additional respiratory conditions like asthma because the condition makes it easier for inflammation in the airway to begin. Chronic sinusitis typically lasts for several months at a time.

Treat the Condition

People do not have to suffer from sinus problems in Louisville KY. An appointment with an allergist can make it possible to find long-term solutions that will help clear existing sinus issues and prevent a return of the problem. It is important to get a professional diagnosis because sinusitis sometimes occurs due to nasal polyps, a deviated septum, or bacterial or fungal infections.

A comfortable life becomes impossible when sinus problems take over. Medical professionals offer many options for patients to find relief from their discomfort. Visit us to learn more about the types of treatments available for sinusitis.

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