Keep Your Car Longer With Proper Maintenance From Gilbert Mechanics

Keep Your Car Longer With Proper Maintenance From Gilbert Mechanics

If you plan to keep the car that you currently have, learning how to properly maintain it will prolong its lifespan. The following are only a few services that are commonly performed by a mechanic when you take your car in for maintenance.

Oil Changes

Your car should be on a schedule for oil changes. When you visit a mechanic for auto maintenance near Gilbert AZ, you’ll usually see a sticker placed on your windshield that shows what kind of oil was used in your car and when you need to get your oil changed in the future, which is usually every 3,000 miles.

Other Fluids

There are other fluids that can be checked when you take your car for auto maintenance near Gilbert, AZ that are vital for proper operation. These include the transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. If these levels are too low, then it could mean that there is an evident leak or that the fluid is being circulated in another area of your vehicle where it’s not supposed to travel.


The belts under the hood of your car should be examined often. Pay attention to any odd noises that you hear, such as squealing or squeaking. These noises could be an indication that a belt is too tight or that there is an issue with a pulley that turns one of the belts. You should also look at the edges of the belts to ensure that they aren’t frayed.

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